Read With Me

‘Books are the ultimate Dumpees: You can put them down and they’ll wait for you forever; pay attention to them and they always love you back.’
-John Green, ‘An Abundance of Katherine’s’ (pg.108)

I read. I read A LOT. And I don’t read particularly fast either. I just prioritize my life in the order that reading is one of the most important things I do, in my daily routine. I do have the capability to speed read; getting through pages in less than twenty seconds. That, isn’t however how I usually read. Speed reading is generally a great skill for: (a.) finding and consuming information as quickly as possible. (b.) School and study based literature (which does in fact often interest me less than fruit flies in Swahili; not at all) (c.) For re-reading and memorizing. (d.) For skill-setting and speed-reading practice. 
Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing skill to be able to get through books, like a competitive Japanese eater consumes rice at a eating contest. Everything has its time and place. I highly doubt that Mr. ninja rice eater comes to Sunday dinner at his mother, and devours everything on the table in less than 23,7 seconds. It would be highly inappropriate.

When I read John Green, I savour it. I re-read lines and I take notes, if necessary. On the contrary, am I reading ‘Biometrics 101’ or ‘The Collected History of Modern Art, -in written detail’, I may very likely speed up to maximum capability. Neither of the latter the type of books I’ll be reviewing on this site. I may read a wide spectrum of books. Books I spend an average of 20-30 hours of my life on. These are the type of books that will make it into this section of the blog.

I love books. I spend my entire childhood growing up inside of them. They create other worlds, shows deeper insight to things, and are always faithful in waiting around for you to pick them up. To become a skilled writer, it is my opinion that you have to consume a great deal of reading yourself. So, in addition to writing life-related blog posts, I am going to give some [short] reviews of parts of the books I read and find have impact on my life. I read quite a wide spectrum of literature, so pick what is essential to you, and leave the rest in to float in space.

Freja Blay.
Aarhus, Denmark.
20th of April 2017.