Hi! Thanks for the visit, if you have any further inquires I’d love to hear from you in person.

You can catch me via. e-mail, or in the comment section below this page.
I check and answer both myself.
I will get back to you & all inquiries, as soon as possible.

E-mail is checked between 7.40-8.15 am (CET) on the weekdays and 10.00-10.30 am (CET) on weekends & holidays, at the exception of when I’m traveling.


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One Reply to “Contact”

  1. Hi Freja

    Raduz here.

    I wish to inquire of You.
    …long time no input.

    How is it with You?
    Nice website btw, as I came to discover some time ago.

    What is the topic of Your interest this time?
    Obviously, seems like summer is in transition and perhaps in its last weeks.
    Hope You are doing well in DK.

    Greetings and best wishes

    – – –
    from the past

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