Who […and how]?
Goddag! My name is Freja Blay.
I’m the writer of this site. Everything I say in this strange space I’ve created is true. (Okay, mostly true. Like, at least 82 pct. true) 
How is a question of biology, and that I won’t get into however, on further request I’ll be glad to provide links and otherwise helpful resources. Just let me know, if this should be the case.

On a day-to-day basis, I write and more-so I read a lot, (LOT) of books. Secondarily, I also go to school and I am a powerlifter / aspiring bodybuilder. I lift weights because, much like my need for writing and reading, it gives me a better quality of life both mentally and physically, when I do. In short; I find flow in lifting heavy objects from one place to another. (Doesn’t include moving for friends.) It much assembles the flow that the musician experiences in composing I’d suppose.
The way I see it is that other people have a tendency to train to ‘stay healthy and to endorse endorphins. Promote a good lifestyle.’
That’s not me. I train, to stay alive. The gym is my home; the weights are my amazing grace. Simple as that. (However, this doesn’t mean I always am motivated to go. I am still human, especially on Mondays.)

Why [… and why not]?
…Is something I continuously keep asking myself. The best short answer is that I can’t not write. My most optimal survival depends on it. I don’t know exactly why it is like that, but I’ve found myself writing long sequels and stories, ever since before I could even write them. As a kid, I played them or told them to every man willing to listen. My grand audience: Old ladies, and my sheepdog Cleo, of whom had the best success rates and had tendency of staying the longest, at my frequently occurring my puppet theaters.

What [is this this madness]?
As I am writing this it is a lifestyle blog about being a writer, fitness, bodybuilding and powerlifting enthusiast traveling and living as one of the currently 7.5 billion human beings in existence.
It’s a good place for me to journal in a way and keep writing.

When [did the dinosaurs die]?
The blog started in the beginning of 2017. I started in the beginning of 1992. This makes me a quarter of a century old. I’ve always written though.

… And the dinosaurs died some 65.5 million years ago. (Your welcome)

Where [did your mind go]?
Currently I’ve situated myself in Aarhus, which is the second biggest city in the small country of Denmark, located in Europe. Denmark is well known for castles, pastries and being very enthusiastic about soccer. (I find the latter fact 1/4. confusing, 1/4. boring, and 1/2. mostly embarrassing that humans cannot find more exhilarating interest on behalf of a whole dang country.)
Before I came here, I’ve lived in various locations of the world, including my all-time (up until now at least) favourite Fort Collins, Colorado, USA for about 3 years. Yee-haw, indeed.
I plan to continue to expand my horizon by living in different locations, and don’t like to consider a single place ‘home’. At least not at this moment in my life.

And [..this didn’t answer ANYTHING]?
I know, I know. Writing these ‘about pages’ are kind of a big assignment. I never really know how to turn my existence into a trailer. However, you can find you more by reading and following this me in this spacious corner of the internet that I call MINE.

Thanks for reading,

Freja Blay. Aarhus, Denmark.
23rd of March 2017.